Getting started with Ruby – TOC


I have written a series of articles (in several parts) in an attempt to guide beginners to get comfortable with Ruby. This article is my attempt to build a TOC (Table of Contents) for it to act as an index for people to get a brief idea regarding what each article is about and help them get to the sections they are interested in.

I tried to be clear, precise and specific. My intention was write more code than to waste time in trying to explain and so I’ve used code comments to help people understand what each part of the code is meant to do. I have plans on going further and go onto describing classes & modules, sometime soon, even though I expected more people to read and give their feedback, but owing to a lot of work and hence a lack of time, I haven’t been able to do much justice to the same, but hopefully I will be able to do so very soon. I hope it helps people appreciate Ruby and motivate them to learn and understand it.

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